Hey! My name's Jon Reimer and I design tiny universes that exist on the internet.

I'm currently stationed near Calgary, Alberta. Sometimes I tap my keyboard for a bit, only to discover that a new website or app has manifested itself.


Blackie Mini Storage

Mineshaft Mishap

Secondhand Safari


Reimer Carpentry

The Shadowlands

Space Invaders: Astranomaly

Vox Motu

S.A.L.S.A Writer

About Me

I'm a front-end web developer with some experience in graphic design & back-end languages. For some reason I find "information processing" and "educational apps" to be interesting, but sadly haven't had the opportunity to work on any. I would love to make learning as exciting & fun for other people as it is for me. Android development is next on my "to-learn" list, since all my projects ideas seem to start with "hmm, I wish I could do that on my phone".

The tech details

For any web developer, HTML, CSS, & JavaScript are the bread-and-butter of their skill-set. Unfortunately, those languages are tiresome at best, so I've mixed things up a bit to keep myself excited about coding even when dealing with the basics: Pug (aka. Jade), Sass, & CoffeeScript spice things up nicely and allow for extra efficiency. And because I crave slightly excessive levels of customization, my coding is done in Sublime Text.

Here's a quick rundown of the languages & programs I am most familiar with:
Photoshop | HTML5/Pug/Emmet | CSS3/Sass | JS/jQuery/JSON/CoffeeScript | Git/Gulp

I've also done a fair bit of the following, but am less proficient with them:
Illustrator | PHP | MySQL | Node

I'm also in the process of learning a bunch of new things, such as:
Python | Wordpress | MySQLi | Webpack | Angular


When I'm not making websites I'm often either playing computer games or out hiking. I'm a hobbyist photographer, and sometimes I dabble in making weird music. I used to draw a lot, but art has taken a backseat to life lately. Usually I spend most of my time daydreaming about traveling & road trips.


Need a website or some slick graphics? Want to discuss something with me? Now's a great time to do those things. Send me an email below. If that seems too easy for you, you can send me an email the old fashioned way at hi@astranomaly.com or via smoke signals.

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