Mineshaft Mishap

A textless text-adventure game...


Text adventure games, despite their graphic-free nature, paved the way for the image-heavy computer games of today. A game based only on written words seems quite minimal by modern standards... but what if you remove the text from a text adventure altogether? You end up with a game told only through sound...

Mineshaft Mishap is a vast "audio adventure" that my classmates and I conceptualized. We've all since gone our seperate ways, but "Chapter 1" (of 5) was mostly completed, and the game engine is finished. We have all the pieces, they just need to be polished and put together. Perhaps it will one day rise from the dead.

The story spans numerous chapters and genres, and follows a group of children who find themselves in an abandoned theme park. The game is full of mystery, horror, and survival elements, and is meant to feel like an interactive audio book.

My role in this game's creation had a lot to do with coding the game engine's database interactions and creating the maps, though we all did a bit of everything by the end of the course. All of us worked together to conceptualize the game mechanics and plot, as well as writing the stories and puzzles.

Click here to see the promo (by Anissa Coelho) or here to play a basic proof-of-concept


We decided to use jQuery instead of Flash to program the game's interactivity. PHP, AJAX/JSON, and MySQL are all very important components of the game engine we made. John Sagris was kind enough to provide his voice as the narrator (despite the story's absurd script length).