Secondhand Safari

Photographs & gallery experiments


Some days, you just really feel like playing with jQuery plugins. Or maybe that's just me... Secondhand Safari is a very simple website which merely exists to showcase my photography. I'm sure I'll make an official photography portfolio one of these days, but for now I just toss them online now and then.

Click here for the O.G. (Original Gallery, not Gangster)

However, that minuscule collection of photographs and jQuery plugins was not enough to satisfy me. Additionally, many of my friends continually pester me about the slow pace with which I upload my thousands of photos. So I came to the conclusion that I would like a place to dump all of my raw photos immediately after taking them. The result is a remake of Secondhand Safari with thousands of photo thumbnails.

Why not check out the new, unoptimized version here?


The original site was mostly done as a just-for-fun Frankensteining of jQuery image plugins; the CSS/HTML is rather boring and minimal. A few of the plugins include Masonry, CapSlide, and ScrollTo, modified to suite my needs.

The new site uses these same technologies, but gets a lot more complicated. I wanted the site to be ruthlessly efficient, so I couldn't be ruthlessly lazy. All I have to do is drop a folder of images into the directory and the website takes care of the rest. PHP was heavily used to recursively generating the image blocks, and this was also one of the first times I developed a site using Jade and Sass. This way I only had to type a few hundred lines of code instead of tens of thousands.