A passive web-app to simplify the forecast


These days, nearly everyone checks the weather online. So why is it that all the popular weather sites are so unintuitive and bland? The Weather Is Beautiful (aka. TWIB) is my attempt to fix these problems. There is no clutter. There is no adspace. There is just the weather.

And the weather is beautiful.

This project is a proof-of-concept for a single-serving weather web-app that is dynamically driven and focused on visual aesthetics. Is it the middle of the day? The background will change to a soft blue to reflect this. Nighttime? It's now a deep purple. Your location is automatically detected, but by signing up you can change your location and save two favourites.

Right now, most of the dynamic content is only partially implemented. In the future, rain & snow will cause rain & snow animations, plants will flourish based on the season, and temperature will affect the colour of the site, among many planned features. For now, it's just a simple, no-nonsense weather site.

Click here to try the demo. Try logging in with:

pass: test


TWIB is based on a framework of HTML, CSS, and jQuery. It uses AJAX to receive JSON from the Weather Underground's API, which is then used to update the website's design and content. The user account system uses PHP to connect to MySQL databases.